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Asset Protection & Wealth Management Solutions

As wealth grows around the globe, so does the need to manage, protect and disperse this wealth, whether it is family owned, corporate owned, created, inherited or other. With great wealth comes great responsibility and as such, we stand readily available to help you and your next of kin manage, protect and channel your assets in your preferred direction.

Asset Management

We are also ready to assist you with a number of legal solutions, to protect your assets to the best extent possible, or to simply safeguard them for the next generation. Moreover, we can also advise and assist with the creation of foundations, estate planning, trusts or other to help protect such assets in case of death, divorce or any other unforeseen circumstance.

Citizenship & Residency Options

Moreover, as virtually thousands of citizens across the globe are looking to relocate, either to a European destination or to any other location better attuned to their business needs and goals, we stand readily available to help you and your next of kin with several residency or citizenship options, whether you are looking to permanently relocate or become a tax resident of another country.

Succession Planning for family owned businesses

For families who own or have inherited a business, we are also able to assist with carefully mapped out succession planning, defining family member roles within the organization, assisting in setting common goals and visions for the business to achieve, and assigning responsibility to all involved parties.

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