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Our Offices

Leo Trust maintains offices in Zurich, Nicosia, Vienna and Panama City. The company is also represented by strong partnerships in many other countries. From our head office in Zurich, the international network is controlled with the highest standards of quality, with our globally oriented customers profiting from our established know-how «Made in Switzerland».

Zurich, Switzerland

Since the early days, the premises in Zurich have served our company as the Head Office. As one of the world's leading financial centers, with a central location between East and West, Zurich offers the best conditions for the successful support of our international clientele. We are committed to a long-term strategy for the Zurich location, not least with our company name ‘Leo Trust’, which was chosen in honour of our long-established Zurich offices at Löwenstrasse - Lion Street in English.

  • Nüschelerstrasse 44, 8001, Zurich, Switzerland
  • info@leotrust.ch
  • +41 44 512 55 55
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Nicosia, Cyprus

Our Nicosia office was established in 2011. From the outset, the Nicosia office was set up to take advantage of Cyprus’ strategic position, both in a geographical sense but also as an EU jurisdiction. The primary intention which remains to this day, is to have a professional office that efficiently and predominantly provides corporate, fiduciary, administrative and accounting services.

Vienna, Austria

The Vienna office was established in 2018. For decades, Austria has been regarded as one of the most attractive locations to conduct business in, both in Europe and worldwide. This is due highly to its excellent infrastructure, modern and efficient public administration, political and economic stability, as well as a very reliable legal system. With a low corporate tax rate, an advantageous group taxation regime, and the absence of wealth or trade tax. Austria is regarded by many as an ideal location for investment. Furthermore, Vienna serves as a business hub for numerous international companies and banks conducting business in CEE. Through its Vienna office, Leo Trust offers corporate services and support in setting up your business in Austria.

Panama City, Panama

  • Venturi House No. 1 Calle 49 Bella Vista, Panama City
  • +507 (830) 76 04

The Panama office of Leo Trust was established in 2017 with Panama being chosen as the ideal Latin American hub for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, Panama is one of the most powerful international trading platforms worldwide, due both to its geographical location (access to both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans), and featuring the well-known Panama Canal, (one of the most influential spots for maritime trade worldwide), but also largely due to the fact that Panama is the second most popular country in the world to register a company (after Hong Kong), with over 500,000 companies having bases in the small nation. Panama also features one of the most attractive tax systems worldwide, a bilingual local population, an easy company incorporation process, and it holds a lot of opportunity for foreign investors.